Being unable to cope up with the credit conditions and ending up on the wrong side of your credit score & credentials is the dilemma of an overwhelming number of people around the US & all over the globe. Similarly, a lot of people are unaware of the technical aspects and way out of such a miserable option and hence, they face plenty of trouble regarding their financial position. For the same purpose, we launched our platform in the shape of 5 Star Innovations to not only sort out credit settlement issues but put forward such services which are certain to satisfy our clients comprehensively.

What do we do?

Now when you are stuck in a bad credit then in such a scenario, there will be different credit repairing services then why should you choose 5 Star Innovations? Well, this is a brilliant question while the answer to it is quite straightforward. 5 Star Innovations came into existence after a decade of experience under our belt which means we could not only handle your bad credit with ultimate professionalism but ensure that our clients start observing the results in as swift as 30 to 90 odd days.

Having a positive credit score has a plethora of perks & incentives associated with it, like it does not only keep you intact out of debt, but it could also let you have a dream job along with the fairest interest rate which you are entitled to by all means.

Research studies have depicted that not many of the people are fully aware credit history, need for credit repairing and authentication of the entire of credit information. The same dilemma causes them to pay a lot of extra money in one way or the other and this is where 5 Star Innovations comes to your rescue. At 5 Star Innovations, we will let you comprehend the rest of the dimensions & technical aspects associated in a well-regulated manner. Similarly, credit reporting agencies might not offer favorable records regarding your most significant credit reputation, however, you do not need to be bothered about that too as 5 Star Innovations has all that takes to utilize most modern credit package with the blend of super quick service & credit repair techniques put forward the solutions to entire of the queries that might evolve at times.

So what are you waiting for? It’s your right time to request an absolutely FREE consultation for a credit evaluation with a 5 Star Innovations specialist today! There is no obligation and no cost to evaluate.


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Charleen N. Smith

Owner & Credit Restoration Specialist

Charleen is all in all of 5 Star Innovations, after graduation with dual MBA (HRM & Business Administration) degree, she ended up in the same shoes of credit distortion & poor score caused by identity theft just like many of common masses. She had to come across a complete catastrophe due to the accidents occurred 11 years ago along with the public judgment regarding her credit report. However, she had been able to dispose off $8,000 in the shape of hospital bills while the score was elevated from 420 to 630 whereas, lately public judgment & bills were cleared as well. So, this is where credit repair helped her a big deal and her fondness for assisting others to fulfill their dreams by sorting out their credit discrepancies. Taking her devotion & passion to another level, she kept on helping her acquaintances & friends for as much as 10 years with their credits and the very same experience has converted her abilities from beginner to an expert where she is literally passionate one to offer a helping hand to the fellow ones. The same compassion for the others and rigorous zeal of repairing credits for others to help them achieve their goals has become a root cause of the launch of 5 Star Innovations, where people could seek all that which is unprecedented anywhere else.