“Because of her now I am trying to be more active in my choice about what comes my way. I am still learning to say no as well as taking a long look at myself when I see myself wanting too much extra unneeded credit  – it’s never going to be easy but I know that if I am open to improving my own processes, it’s only going to keep getting better.”

James Terkel

“Thank you for helping me get into the 700 club!!”

Tyrone White

“I had the pleasure to attend to one of Charleen’s seminars and I left inspired and with lots of notes and ideas to help my credit score grow and my credit health much better. I love that she believes in giving value to people at no cost.  ”

Divya Chenai

“I now have a much bigger blueprint for what I need to do to accomplish my goals for myself & my family. Charleen helped me to focus my time and energy on the strategic things that have helped me increase my credit score. I have a bunch of things I can implement over the next year. ”

Deni Gordon

“Charleen has been instrumental in putting a spotlight on my professional career within the broader context of my whole life. After a mere three months of coaching, utilizing tools and methodologies, she has helped me to shift my thoughts and habits within myself to live a better lifestyle, one that better suits me!!!  I am very grateful to her! ”

Gillian Andrews

“Ms. Charleen has changed my whole life. I started with a credit score in my low 600s. Now, I’m in my mid 700s. During this process, she stayed in touch with me and explain to me her step by step method to help me improve my credit score. Without her, I wouldn’t be close to my dream home. She is very professional and I will recommend anyone to her. Thank you Ms. Charleen for your service.”

Teniesha Sinclair

“Charleen has been so instrumental in my credit health growing this year. She is very positive, enthusiastic and helps keep me on track as I grow and develop my practice.
She gives me feedback as I am accomplishing and supports my next steps in what next I am ready to create. I recommend her to anyone who is wanting someone to help them stay focused on building the work of their dreams  ”

Sam Mosby

“The name Charleen Smith, Credit Repair Specialist was given to me after weeks of research/ WHAT A TREASURE FIND!! She has sincerely help make my credit TOP SHELF! ”

Kathi Greene